In an article published on May 18, 2016 by The Huffington Post, associate editor Elyse Wanshel reports on edible six-pack rings made from beer brewing by-products such as barley and wheat. The biodegradable and compostable six-pack rings were created by U.S. company Saltwater Brewery together with advertising agency We Believers. The idea is that if the rings end up in the ocean, they will feed, rather than endanger, marine life because the rings are “completely safe for humans and fish to eat,” Wanshel writes. According to the developers, the new product is as resistant and efficient as plastic packaging; however, it is more expensive to produce. Therefore, the companies hope that customers are willing to pay a little more and that other breweries invest in similar technology and prices will go down. 3D printer-generated molds were used to manufacture the first batch of 500 six-pack rings for Saltwater Brewery’s main beer brand IPA.

Whether and what type of additives (e.g. color or other features) are used in the barley/wheat filaments was not mentioned in the article.

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