On June 18, 2015 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced that it has developed a draft guidance document on uncertainty in scientific assessments that is now open for public consultation. The consultation is addressed to the international scientific community, European and national risk assessors, risk communicators, risk managers as well as EFSA’s stakeholders and is open until September 10, 2015. The guidance document provides a framework and principles for characterizing, documenting and explaining all types of uncertainty. Assessors can select different methods to suit the needs of each assessment. The document aims to give decision-makers better understanding of scientific uncertainties affecting scientific assessments and, where possible, quantify their impact on the conclusions. After public consultation and subsequent revisions, the document will be subject to testing in each EFSA Scientific Panel during a pilot phase. The results of the pilot phase will be used for further refinement of the guidance document before its finalization.

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