On July 13, 2016 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published the 2015 annual report of its Emerging Risks Exchange Network (EREN). EFSA established EREN in 2010 to exchange information between EFSA and EU Member States (MS) on possible emerging risks for food and feed safety (FPF reported). In 2015, EREN discussed 13 potential emerging issues, classified in the following categories: Five chemical hazards, four microbial hazards, two new consumer trends, one biotoxin, and one allergen. After evaluation, EREN concluded that eleven issues were considered as emerging issues, one issue was not to be considered as emerging issue, and that for one issue it was challenging to conclude on the status of emergence. “The majority of potential issues discussed (9/13) referred to an increase of exposure of a known hazard whereas one issue referred to a new hazard (influenza D virus) and for the remaining three potential issues the hazard was still uncertain and remains to be identified,” the report further reads.

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EFSA (July 13, 2016). “Annual report of the Emerging Risks Exchange Network 2015.


EFSA (2016). “Annual report of the Emerging Risks Exchange Network 2015.(pdf)