In an article published on September 22, 2016 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) calls on “all relevant bodies that are active at EU level” in the field of food and animal feed to register as official EFSA stakeholders. The call is part of EFSA’s Strategy 2020 (FPF reported) with the aim to improve stakeholder involvement and increase transparency. EFSA divides stakeholders into seven major groups: 1) Consumer organizations, 2) NGOs and advocacy groups, 3) business and food industry, 4) distributors (e.g. wholesalers, retailers) and HORECA (hotels, restaurants, and caterers), 5) health practitioners’ associations, 6) academia, and 7) farmers and primary producers. EFSA informs that registered stakeholders will be able to interact with the authority through a range of standing and ad-hoc platforms, according to their interests and expertise.

Registration is open-ended, but EFSA notes that it will carry out an initial selection about six weeks after registration opened.

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EFSA (September 22, 2016). “Register to be an EFSA stakeholder.