On April 2, 2019, the European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes and Processing Aids (CEP Panel) published the minutes of the fourth meeting of its Working Group (WG) on Recycling Plastics. The meeting was held on March 11-12, 2019 in Parma, Italy.

During the meeting, the WG discussed the draft opinions on the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling processes “AMB (Bandera technology)” and “Veolia (URRC technology).” The WG found that more information on both processes is still needed from the applicants. Therefore, scientific evaluation was suspended and deferred to the next WG meeting so long as the requested information is provided.

Further, the WG finalized the draft opinions for the “Alimpet recycling process (EREMA MPR B2B technology)” and the “Mercato recycling process (Starlinger viscotec deCON technology).” Both documents will be discussed and potentially adopted at the next CEP Panel meeting. The draft opinions for four other recycling processes have been deferred to the next WG meeting, which is scheduled to be held on April 16-17, 2019.

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CEP (April 2, 2019). “Minutes of the 4th meeting of the Working Group on Recycling Plastics 2018-2021.” (pdf)