In an article published on March 16, 2016 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) informs that its Management Board has adopted EFSA’s Strategy 2020 outlining the authority’s priorities and course of work for the next five years. The strategy includes five main objectives: 1) prioritizing public and stakeholder engagement in scientific assessment, 2) broadening the evidence base and optimizing data access, 3) building the EU’s scientific assessment capacity and knowledge community, 4) preparing for future risk assessment challenges, and 5) creating an environment and culture reflective of EFSA’s values.

Further, EFSA’s Board discussed EFSA’s new stakeholder engagement approach. The aim is to enhance transparency and public engagement in the scientific assessment process. In addition, EFSA plans to update its policy on independence to ensure objectivity and independence of its scientific advice. Also, EFSA informed that in 2018 the current Panels on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF Panel) and on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Food (ANS Panel) shall be replaced with the Panels on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF Panel), Food Contact Materials and Enzymes (CEP Panel), and Nutrition, Novel Foods and Allergens (NDA Panel).

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