On August 14, 2020, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) intends to launch a negotiated procedure to develop adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) relevant for the identification of endocrine disrupting substances that can lead to uterine adenocarcinoma. As published on August 6, 2020 on EFSA’s website, the objectives of the proposals should

  • “[be] based on the search Strategy and eligibility criteria provided by EFSA, retrieve and screen for relevance the evidence published in the scientific literature databases
  • Extract relevant data based on data models developed in collaboration with EFSA
  • Appraise the internal validity of the studies included for relevance using Critical Appraisal Tools defined by EFSA
  • Develop evidence based AOPs for rodent uterine adenocarcinoma“

Interested scientists and toxicologist with relevant research experience are invited to contact EFSA before September 14, 2020.

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