The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Panel on food Contact materials, Enzymes and Processing aids (CEP Panel) published the minutes of the 35th and 36th meetings of its Working Group on bisphenol A re-evaluation (WG-BPA) held in July and September 2020. During the meetings, the experts discussed the current drafts of the texts on cardiotoxicity and neurotoxicity for its draft opinion, the criteria for a non-monotonic dose-response, issues related to dose-conversion, and the procedure for selecting the studies and endpoints from the weight of evidence for the benchmark dose.

The EFSA CEP Panel also published the minutes of the 19th meeting of its Working Group on Food Contact Materials (WG-FCM), which was held in September 2020. During the meeting, there were no FCM applications open for discussion due to a delay in data submission from the applicants. Instead, the group used the time to discuss other scientific topics including EFSA’s draft guidance on nanomaterials and the public feedback on it that was received as well as a recent (and not yet public) mandate received from the European Commission to re-evaluate phthalates. The meeting minutes also note feedback on a specific migration limit (SML) the group has given EFSA regarding use of a dimer (FCM substance number 1080; CAS 156157‐97‐0) via an adopted opinion, as well as ongoing review of the SML for cobalt salts authorized for use in FCMs.

The EFSA CEP Panel further published the minutes of the 12th through 14th meetings of the working group on phthalates. In the meetings, the group continued to discuss revisions to its draft risk assessment of five phthalates (FPF reported) following feedback received during a public consultation. It assigned final tasks to the group members in preparation for possible adoption of the risk assessment by the CEP Panel.

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EFSA CEP Panel (July 2, 2020). “Minutes of the 31st – 34th meetings of the working group on BPA re-evaluation.” (pdf)

EFSA CEP Panel (July 27, 2020). “Minutes of the 15th – 18th meetings of the working group on food contact materials 2018-2021.” (pdf)

EFSA CEP Panel (July 23, 2020). “Minutes of the 12th – 14th meeting of the working group on recycling plastics 2018-2021.” (pdf)