In a press release on December 18, 2019, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the publication of a report investigating substitution of hazardous chemicals in Europe and providing recommendations for companies, organizations, and authorities. The report discusses examples of how seven European countries have worked towards the substitution of hazardous chemicals on the national level and the role industry organizations have played in this context.

The recommendations given in the report are related to the domain of chemicals management and substitution and focus on, e.g., “improving the regulatory push [and pull] mechanisms,” “improving supply chain innovation and risk management incentives for future substitution cases,” “improving demand pull and scientific push mechanisms affecting the direction of innovation,” and “improving the knowledge communicated regarding supply chain interdependencies among various groups of supply chain agents at different stages of chemical industry supply chain.”

The report was funded by the Danish EPA within the Center for Circular Chemistry, and it was carried out by the consultancy PNO.

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