On October 11, 2018, the European Commission (EC) published an update to the EU’s bioeconomy strategy, initially released in 2012. The updated 2018 document  puts forward the needs “to improve and scale up the sustainable use of renewable resources to address global and local challenges such as climate change and sustainable development.”

According to the press release, the bioeconomy “can turn algae into fuel, recycle plastic, convert waste into new furniture or clothing or transform industrial by-products into bio-based fertilizers.” However, realizing this vision would require “a concerted effort by public authorities and industry.”

To support this, the EC will launch “14 concrete measures” in 2019, including measures aimed at supporting bio-based innovations and realizing the “underused biomass and waste potential” across Europe, as well as projects aimed at “protecting the ecosystem and understanding the ecological limitations of the bioeconomy.” With regard to the latter, the EC plans to “provide guidance and promote good practices on how to operate in the bioeconomy within safe ecological limits.”

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