In an article published on January 11, 2018, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported that the EU program NanoSafety Cluster has published a draft version of its Nanoinformatics 2030 Roadmap. The science of nanoinformatics includes i) identifying relevant information for nanoscale science and technology; ii) mechanisms for collection, validation, storing, sharing, analysis, modelling, and application of that information; and iii) using networked communication tools to support communities of practice, Chemical Watch explained. The roadmap aims “to coordinate future research and develop a shared vision for the nanoinformatics community,” while also addressing “issues relating to nanomaterial risk assessment and governance,” Chemical Watch informed. Further, the roadmap contains observations from related scientific fields such as materials science and physico-chemical characterization, human toxicology and ecotoxicology, computer modeling, and informatics.

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Chemical Watch (January 11, 2018). “EU programme publishes draft nanoinformatics roadmap.