On December 2, 2015 the European Commission announced that it has adopted a new Circular Economy Package to make the transition to a more sustainable economy, boost competitiveness and create jobs. The proposed actions aim to close the loop of product lifecycles: From production and consumption to waste management and the market for secondary raw materials. Measures shall be put in place “to promote reparability, durability and recyclability of products, in addition to energy efficiency.” Further, there is a strategy on plastics concerning recyclability, biodegradability and the presence of hazardous substances. The EC now calls on the European Parliament (EP) and Council to prioritize adoption and implementation of the new legislative proposals.

The non-profit organization CHEM Trust welcomes the EC’s commitment and urges that the Circular Economy Package “needs to be rapidly transformed into concrete measures to ensure hazardous chemicals don’t get in the way of the circular economy.” Further, Michael Warhurst of CHEM Trust emphasized that “the only sustainable circular economy is a clean one, with hazardous materials phased out.”

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