On November 26, 2020, news provider Chemical Watch reported on the updated version of the app Scan4Chem, which is now available for download in 15 EU countries.

According to REACH article 33, consumers are entitled to know whether a purchased item contains any substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in concentrations greater than 0.1% per weight. However, very often companies were not able to provide this information upon consumers’ request (FPF reported). This was the reason why the European AskREACH project initiated the development of the app Scan4Chem (FPF reported). The free application provides consumers with information on SVHCs and enables formal requests to companies for further data. The app is now available in 15 EU countries including Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Serbia, and the Czech Republic.

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ChemicalWatch (November 26, 2020). “SVHC-checking app rolled out to fifteen EU countries.