On June 11, 2015 the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands announced that the EU project “European Test and Risk Assessment Strategies for Mixtures” (EuroMix) has been launched. The project is included in the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020 and is led by RIVM. The goal of EuroMix is to develop an experimentally verified, tiered test strategy for mixtures of multiple food-related chemicals derived from multiple sources taking into account different life stages and the gender dimension. The risks of chemicals present in foods will be balanced against the benefits of those foods. Key mixtures will have to be identified, as the number of mixtures to which people are exposed during everyday life is countless. Suitable bioassays for mixture testing will be explored, new models for calculation of the risk of mixtures will be developed, and exposure assessments will be conducted. A EuroMix model toolbox will be made available for stakeholders through an openly accessible web based platform. Also, EuroMix will provide guidance on how to use the bioassays and the model toolbox in future mixture testing and mixture risk assessment.

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RIVM (June 11, 2015). “European research into chemical mixtures launched.