In two articles published on September 21, 2017, and October 9, 2017, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported that the European Commission (EC) published a comprehensive report and seven sub-studies on its non-toxic environment strategy. The EC is mandated under the 7th Environment Action Programme to develop “a Union strategy for a non-toxic environment that is conducive to innovation and the development of sustainable substitutes including non-chemical solutions.”

The results of EC’s comprehensive study are key for developing new strategies to prevent toxic substances from entering articles and for increasing supply chain transparency, reporter Clelia Oziel summarized. Three approaches for achieving non-toxic articles were highlighted in the report, namely increased transparency about the occurrence of toxic substances in articles, instruments to prevent the substances from entering articles and material cycles, and strategies to decontaminate waste streams.

The seven sub-studies were published separately from the final report and cover the following topics: (1) Substitution, including grouping of chemicals and measures to support substitution, (2) chemicals in products (articles) and non-toxic material cycles, (3) the improved protection of children and vulnerable groups from harmful exposure to chemicals (plus appendix), (4) very persistent chemicals, (5) policy means, innovation and competitiveness, (6) program on the development on new, non-/less toxic substances, and (7) early warning systems for examining a non-toxic environment that is free of exposures to minimize and eliminate all exposures to hazardous substances (plus appendix).

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