On December 9, 2013 the Flavourings, Additives and food Contact materials Exposure Task (FACET) published the downloadable FACET exposure tool on its web page. The tool is designed to estimate dietary exposure to flavorings, additives and food contact substances across Europe. For food contact substances, it combines dietary consumption data with migration modeling and food packaging market shares. Manufacturers and other stakeholders can use the tool to estimate dietary exposure to food contact substances in Europe. Further, it offers the possibility to assess dietary exposure levels to new chemicals by inserting information on migration, applications and market share. While the tool cannot be used for compliance work, it has been suggested as a supportive tool to estimate human health risk in particular in the area of non-plastic food contact materials, by providing exposure estimates. FACET was co-financed by the 7th EU framework as well as the members of the FACET industry group (FIG).

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FACET exposure tool