On August 18, 2015 the UK non-profit group CHEM Trust published an article on perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), discussing their history, applications and toxicological properties. In her article, Gwen Buck explains that PFCs are highly persistent substances and accumulate in the environment, the food chain, and humans. They are used in a wide range of consumer products, including food packaging. For certain applications like microwave popcorn there is no replacement available at this moment; this has led a retailer in Denmark to remove this product from its shelves (FPF reported). In the article, research into PFCs toxic properties is highlighted, notably their effects on the immune system. Children exposed during fetal development to higher levels of PFCs were less protected from common vaccines, due to reduced antibody levels being formed. CHEM Trust advises that these chemicals should be phased out rapidly.

In May 2015, experts called for attention to poly- and perfluorinated chemicals’ effects on health and urged for the development of safer, nonfluorinated alternatives (FPF reported).

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Gwen Buck (August 18, 2015). “PFCs: In our blood, in polar bears – and in packets of microwave popcorn!” CHEM Trust