On October 25, 2016 the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) will hold its fourth annual workshop entitled “Modern science to inform regulation of food contact materials in the circular economy.” This year’s workshop features a full day with high profile speakers and, as in previous years, is an ideal opportunity to engage in constructive discussions with stakeholders from all different backgrounds on how challenges can be approached. Don’t miss this unique event in the food contact materials (FCMs) world to raise your IQ on the newest scientific understanding, hear about real business opportunities and learn from regulators about their ongoing work.

Invited speakers include, Dr. Jerry Heindel, National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences, sharing results from the recent CLARITY BPA study (FPF reported), Dr. Kettil Svensson, Swedish National Food Agency, discussing work on FCMs by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Council of Europe, Joanna Griffiths, BRC Global Standards, explaining industry-own FCM standards for migration testing, Prof. Thomas Backhaus, University of Gothenburg, highlighting substitution of hazardous chemicals in practice, and Amy Ziff, Made Safe and Nontoxic Certified, showing the business case for food products free from chemicals of concern.

On the evening before the workshop, FPF will host a casual pre-workshop dinner. This will be an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting different experts in an informal setting. The full event program, as well as registration details, will be available on the FPF’s website shortly.