On June 10, 2020, Justin Boucher from the Food Packaging Forum presented a summary of the ongoing, multi-stakeholder debate related to the safety of reusable food packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since mid-March 2020, discussions surrounding the safety of food packaging and its potential role in transmitting the SARS-CoV-2 virus have increased (FPF reported). Industry groups have called to delay pending regulations related to single-use food packaging, and non-governmental organizations have argued instead for investments to increase resilience and not disrupt progress towards expanding systematic reuse and transitioning away from a reliance on single-use packaging (FPF reported). In response, there have been mixed reactions from governments and within society, leading to a pause of many potential packaging regulations and initiatives around the globe (FPF reported).

The presentation offers a snapshot of some of the key messages from stakeholders so far, and further information and links to these and other government and stakeholder announcements are provided on the Food Packaging Forum’s Coronavirus and Packaging webpage.

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Food Packaging Forum (June 10, 2020). “Food packaging, reuse, and COVID-19.”