On July 5, 2021, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) published five fact sheets about the most used food packaging materials. These two-pagers summarize the properties, applications, chemical safety, and end-of-life options for plastic, paper and board, metal, glass, and multimaterial food packaging.

The new FPF fact sheets especially address the following questions about recycling of the five food packaging materials: Which recycling processes exist? Does the material allow for repeated or limited recycling into new food packaging, or can it only be downcycled or not recycled at all? Are special safety measures needed to use recycled material as new food packaging?

The fact sheets are based on current knowledge, and additional information is provided on a dedicated resources page. Each fact sheet can be downloaded as a single pdf file.


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FPF (July 5, 2021). “Food Packaging Materials: Properties, Migration, and Recycling.


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