On May 29, 2013 the G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe, a bimonthly published science and business journal, published an article reviewing the advances of nanotechnology in the area of food packaging. Nanomaterials may not only be used directly in the food to improve bioavailability of certain ingredients or protect flavorings and other ingredients. In food packaging they may be used to improve barrier properties, such as nano clay, and protect food from light, oxygen or desiccation. Some nanomaterials are already allowed for use in food contact materials, including titanium nitride, whereas others, such as nano silver, may not be used. In Europe, the presence of engineered nanomaterials has to be declared by the manufacturer from 2016 onwards under EU Regulation 1169/2011. The article points out that there is currently a lack of a standardized routine method for the detection of nanomaterials in food. The identification and comprehensive characterization of nanomaterials remains a difficult task.


Greiner, R. et al. (May 29, 2013). “Small Particles, Major Challenges; Nanomaterials in the Food Sector.” G.I.T. Laboratory Journal Europe, Document GITLJE0020130529e95t00009.