In an article published on September 7, 2017 by regulatory news provider Chemical Watch, reporter Tammy Lovell informed that the U.S. non-profit organization Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families (SCHF) will publish a second report ranking U.S. retailers’ efforts in removing toxic chemicals from their products. The first report was published in November 2016 and included eleven large U.S. retailers (FPF reported). The new report is due to be released in November 2017 and will include 19 further companies, thus ranking the performance of 30 retailers in total. The names of the new retailers have not yet been revealed, Lovell noted. Since the launch of SCHF’s retailer ranking, some of the companies, including Walmart (FPF reported), Target (FPF reported), and Costco (FPF reported), have announced initiatives or new policies addressing chemicals of concern in their supply chains.

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Tammy Lovell (September 7, 2017). “U.S. NGO to rank 19 more retailers in chemical ‘report card.’Chemical Watch