On July 31, 2020, the non-governmental organization (NGO) The Lexicon launched a new game and series of online resources to help consumers learn about the environmental, health, and cultural impacts of their food choices. Developed as part of a food systems accelerator program, diets were explored in four global regions (Nordic countries, Brazil, Canada, and Indonesia) and within a specific focus area (sustainability, local and whole foods, plant-forward, and developing countries). The project describes itself as having developed a “country-first” perspective that recognizes “that each country has distinct cultural, economic, historical, and agricultural capacities to feed itself.” The free online game is “designed to bring greater awareness to the impacts these personal food choices have on not only our own health but also the environment and the cultures in which we live.” The game is set to be further developed to feature additional countries and add further customization “to allow people to see how their own dietary choices can have far-reaching implications.”

The supporting resource articles provide greater insights and discussion to help answer key questions on developing sustainable diets, setting dietary guidelines, and making choices about the foods we eat. They also take a closer look at the role food plays in impacting the climate, culture, environment, health, and healthcare.

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