In an article published on February 24, 2019 by news provider Greener Package, correspondent Anne Marie Mohan informed about the recently published “Design for Recycled Content Guide.” The guide is published by industry collaborative the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The guide aims to support “brands and suppliers who are looking to incorporate recycled content in packaging” and “provides practical recommendations to inform strategy and decision making by outlining existing challenges, illuminating areas of opportunity, and dispelling myths about the use of recycled content.”

Context within the guide is noted to be primarily geared towards the U.S. and Canada, however many elements are described as being applicable to other regions as well. The document itself is web-based with individual sections available for download as pdf files. The specific sections offer “practical guidance on topics such as supply and demand, performance, processing, aesthetics, design, and cost of all different material types.” Specific focus is placed on five types of plastic along with paperboard, corrugate, glass, aluminum, and steel. The guide is a living document that will be updated in the future.

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