On November 19, 2018, news provider Euractiv launched a special report entitled “The nitty-gritty of recycling.” The report focuses on “the mechanisms behind recycling, and gives a broader overview of where some [European] member states are succeeding and failing in dealing with their waste packaging.”

In a first article published on November 19, 2018, reporter Sam Morgan discussed the EU’s new waste laws that set new targets to recycle 70% of packaging by 2030 (FPF reported). “[W]ithout a change of pace those targets could prove to be out of reach for Europe’s recyclers,” he stated. Further, he addressed mechanisms such as deposit return schemes (DRS) and extended producer responsibility schemes (EPRS) that can help increase and improve recycling. Morgan also highlighted the EU’s proposed plastics strategy, intending to ban certain single-use plastic items, that will have an effect on the EU’s packaging waste and recycling situation (FPF reported).

In a second article published on November 20, 2018, Morgan interviewed Joachim Quoden, managing director of the Extended Producers Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), to further elaborate on the two mechanisms EPRS and DRS and how they can contribute to making products more recyclable.

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