In a press release published on September 14, 2015 the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) reports that in the 28 Member States (MS) of the European Union the recycling rate for glass packaging has reached a record 73%. This translates to over 25 billion glass containers being recycled in a bottle to bottle closed loop. Best performers are reported to be MS Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany. Many MS have improved their recycling rates compared to previous years, making “Europe the continent with the highest glass recycling rates in the world,” FEVE writes. The Federation also stresses the importance and model character of glass bottle to bottle multiple recycling for the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package.

The full report “Environmental, social and economic contribution of the Container Glass sector in Europe” – commissioned by FEVE and prepared by Ernst & Young – can be accessed on FEVE’s website.

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FEVE (September 14, 2015). “Glass recycling hits 73% in the EU.