In a blog post published on August 27, 2019, author Jan Leyssens from the strategic innovation agency Switchrs discusses the importance of adapting business models in order to transition towards a circular economy. Leyssens writes that while the past year has seen significant ongoing research on the material inputs related to bio-focused materials and end-of-life management of plastics, he stresses that “a part of the equation that in our opinion is far too often overlooked are the business models supporting plastic waste, and more importantly those who help in reducing or eliminating plastic waste.” He argues that “business model innovation is vital for the circular economy” and discusses an EU Commission report on the circular economy for plastics published in February 2019 (FPF reported) that reviewed the entire plastics value chain. Switchrs is also reported to have released a template for a circular design map to support companies in closing material loops and considering new business model patterns.

Lyssens will be speaking on the topic of innovation through new business models at the upcoming Food Packaging Forum workshop being held on October 24, 2019.

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