On May 5 and 7, 2020, the EU Horizon 2020-funded research project REFUCOAT will hold two interactive webinar events to present the results and lessons learned from the three-year collaboration. The project itself set out to develop “fully-recyclable food packaging with enhanced gas barrier properties and new functionalities using high performance coatings.” Active coatings were investigated in films and trays as an alternative to currently used metallized and modified atmospheric packaging to avoid using non-renewable packaging materials. The webinar will present (i) the developed materials, coatings, and packaging structures, (ii) learnings and best practices for working with bio-based materials, and (iii) about bio-based food packaging as an alternative to current packaging.

Keynote presentations will be given by author and food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart, the executive vice president of Material ConneXion Andrew Dent, as well as by the technical coordinator of the REFUCOAT project Lorena Rodriguez from AIMPLAS. Day 1 on May 5th will focus on the environmental and regulatory challenges related to bioplastics, and Day 2 on May 7th will discuss the technology behind bioplastics. Break-out discussion groups are included on each day, and a detailed program of the events have been published. Registration is free and currently open.

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REFUCOAT (April 22, 2020). “Interactive webinar – From plastics to policy: How can we improve the performance of food packaging?