In an article published on September 12, 2019, Environmental Health News (EHN) reported on a public petition calling on food manufacturer Kraft-Heinz to “eliminate any and all sources of phthalates that may end up in its food products.” The petition was launched following reports of phthalates being measured in macaroni and cheese products (FPF reported), and the signatures were brought in person to the company’s headquarters in the U.S. city of Pittsburgh on August 28, 2019. Organized by the Coalition for Safer Food Processing & Packaging, the petition is part of a larger campaign targeting Kraft-Heinz and advocating for the removal of phthalates in children’s foods. The company is reported to not have responded to requests for meetings by the petition’s organizers and to have blocked entrance onto the campus. Campaign organizer William Fahy writes in the article that “Kraft-Heinz has lost this opportunity to show that they care about the public good. Now it’s up to us and our representatives in government to remind them that it’s their job to ensure the safety of their products.”

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