On January 14, 2020, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation announced the launch of its new measuring tool that helps companies gain an overview of their circularity across operations. Named “Circulytics,” the online tool helps companies collect and analyze their own business data and “highlights and inspires opportunities for innovation, while allowing companies to track their progress.” The tool is described as going beyond just products and material flows to support strategic decision making for transitioning towards a circular economy. It aims to identify strengths and areas for improvement, and it provides the opportunity to increase transparency with consumers and investors about a company’s progress. Participants receive a scorecard of their circularity across various themes and can compare themselves with averages in their sector. All submitted business information is kept confidential.

Over 30 companies participated in the pilot phase of the tool, including BASF, IKEA, and DSM. Alan Jope, the CEO of consumer products conglomerate Unilever commented that “moving to a circular economy requires businesses to rethink everything they do. As we are making this transition, Circulytics will help us to pinpoint where we have more to do.”

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation (January 14, 2020). “Circulytics – the new digital tool which accurately measures circularity.”