According to an article published on September 10, 2013 on the webpage of the political journalism organization Politico, the U.S. non-governmental organization (NGO) National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) will launch a major food additive campaign. The NRDC’s director of health programs, Linda Greer states in the article that the campaign aims to strengthen oversight over food additives. The organization has hired the food additive experts Tom Neltner and Maricel Maffini from the NGO The Pew Charitable Trusts. They have recently published several studies highlighting weaknesses in the U.S.’ current food additive regulation (reported by the FPF). The NRDC announced that it may also extend its lobby work at the federal level in Washington DC, U.S. According to Helena Bottemiller Evich, author of the article on Politico, the NRDC is likely to find a receptive media for its campaign.

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