At a workshop held by the European Commission (EC) on June 30, 2014 Otto Linher, deputy head of the Directorate General Enterprise’s (DG Enterprise) chemical unit stated that the EC has still no preference for any of the 5 options included in an impact assessment on increasing transparency regarding nanomaterial use (FPF reported previously). Linher contended that a patchwork of different national measures for nanomaterials would not necessarily prompt action of the EC. Further, he states that the administrative burden of an EU-wide register may be significant. On May 13, 2014 the EC published the draft impact assessment on transparency measures for nanomaterials, which was then opened for public comment. The finalization of the impact assessment of a European nano register is scheduled for December 2014.

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DG Enterprise (June 30, 2014). “Validation workshop on transparency measures for nanomaterials, 30 June 2014, Brussels.”