In a press release published on July 2, 2019, food company Nestlé announced the launch of a recyclable paper wrapper for its ‘YES!’ snack bars. The new paper packaging replaces previously used polypropylene plastic film wrapping. It is packaged using a high-speed flow wrap system at scale and guarantees product freshness over the entire shelf life. Nestlé says that this packaging change is a further step in its commitment to make all of the company’s packaging recyclable or reusable by the year 2025 (FPF reported). The paper wrapping can already be found on the snack bars sold in many countries across Europe.

While Nestlé claimed this was the first example of a switch in the confectionary business to paper wrapping for high-throughput production, UK confectionary company Flower & White is reported as having previously made the shift to paper wrapping. “We read about Nestle’s claims it had unveiled the world’s-first cold-seal bar wrap, which biodegrades within six months, with great interest and a little disbelief, given we’ve taken great pains to develop a 100% recyclable and completely compostable (within 12 weeks) paper bar and pouch pack to house our amazing meringue bars and bites which really is a world first,” commented Flower & White co-founder Leanne Crowther.

In response, a Nestlé spokesperson is reported to have said that “the YES! wrapper was never intended as a biodegradable wrapper and we don’t want it to end up as litter. The point of the innovation is that it is paper and therefore widely recyclable in the way that our plastic wrappers weren’t.” Upon further scaling, the paper wrapping is reported to potentially be expanded to other Nestlé products including Kit-Kat bars. However, the supplier of the specialty, water-based coated paper is not currently able to meet such a demand.

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