A new database of products containing nano-components allows companies and regulators to carry out a first-tier assessment on hazard and exposure potential of nanomaterials contained in consumer products. The database was launched and is maintained by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark and includes 1244 products containing nanomaterials. In the database, products are rated in terms of professional, consumer, and environmental risk during intended use, as well as their hazard potential for humans and the environment in general. Ratings range from unknown (grey) over low (green) and medium (yellow) to high (red). Available information on labels, acute toxicity, CMR properties, persistency was included in the evaluation. The evaluation considers that ‘‘nanoparticles suspended in a solid’’ will result in a low or negligible exposure potential associated during use. The database can be accessed under www.nanodb.dk.


Hansen, S.F. (2014). “NanoRiskCat: a conceptual tool for categorization and communication of exposure potentials and hazards of nanomaterials in consumer products.J Nanopart Res (published online December 27, 2013).