On December 20, 2018, the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) released a new background article on migration modeling in its Food Packaging & Health section. The article provides an introduction into the mathematical modeling of chemical migration from food contact articles into food, discusses the applicability for different food contact materials, and lists further reading.

Migration modeling has mainly evolved as a tool for regulatory compliance testing of plastic packaging aimed at overestimating real migration. In recent years, modeling approaches have been extended to reflect more realistic migration scenarios, making migration models useful for risk assessment, safe packaging design, or estimating consumer exposure. For other packaging materials, such as paper and board, ceramics, or printing inks, and most notably nanomaterials, the applicability of migration modeling is limited. Further research and model development are needed to better understand the migration mechanisms relevant for these materials and to predict migration from them.

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FPF (December 20, 2018). “Migration modeling.