On December 15, 2016 the Food Packaging Forum (FPF) released two articles on can coatings. The article published in the section Food Packaging & Health summarizes the key aspects related to can coatings, whereas the dossier article contains more detailed information on coating materials, market data, the regulatory background, migration, and exposure.

Can coatings are required to protect the metal of cans from effects of the food and vice versa. However, can coatings are not inert and their constituents may migrate into food and beverages. For the last 60 years, bisphenol A (BPA)-based epoxy resins have been the most commonly used coatings. In response to toxicological evidence, public discussions, and recent regulatory decisions, current efforts are undertaken to substitute BPA-based epoxy coatings with alternatives.

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FPF (December 15, 2016). “Can coatings.


FPF dossier (December 15, 2016). “Can coatings.” DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.200633 (pdf)