On June 29, 2020, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Green Brown Blue launched a series of online resources about single-use plastics and reuse in food service applications. Split across six parts, the series features explanations by experts from academia and civil society organizations and aims to support implementing reusable packaging systems in food service. An overview article explains the health and environmental impacts of single-use plastics, and another describes the processing chain involved in collecting and recycling or landfilling plastic waste.

The series also includes a guide for reusable service providers with supporting commentary from corporate food service provider Guckenheimer, restaurant chain Subway, and the NGO Berkeley Ecology Center. It includes a set of evaluation criteria for reusable beverage container programs formulated into simple questions. A separate article offers descriptive case studies on implementing reuse systems by gastronomy and food management companies SV Group, Sodexo, and ISS. The series further includes an international directory of companies offering reusable container services with links to more information about their operations.

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