In an article published on August 29, 2018, by news provider Plastics News Europe (PNE), correspondent Michael Lauzon informed about a new report entitled “Rethinking single-use plastics.” The report was published on August 27, 2018, by market researchers from financial institution Citi.

According to the report, about 52% of global consumer packaging is made of plastic. Plastics have many benefits regarding production energy, production time, and weight. However, plastics’ durability and affordability bring about adverse environmental impacts. In 2017, China imposed a ban on imports of post-consumer plastics collected and prepared for recycling which has led to an oversupply of plastic scrap in many western countries. In response, laws have been proposed in the EU and the UK to prevent plastic waste. Also, chemical and packaging companies are adapting to the changes by investing in recycling systems, plastics-to-fuel programs, and biodegradable plastics, as well as by lightweighting (i.e., reducing the weight) and improving recyclability of products.

The report further discusses the use of alternative materials to plastics, including metal, glass, and paper.

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