On May 27, 2014 the European Food Safety Authroity (EFSA) published a scientific opinion considering the post-consumer PET recycling process MKF-Ergis safe for food contact. The German Ministry for Consumer Protection and Food Safety had submitted the application for the process. After evaluating experiments using model contaminants, EFSA concluded that the recycling process is able to ensure that potential migration remains below 0.1 µg/kg food. EFSA considered material derived from the process as safe for all foodstuffs, hotfilling, and long term storage at room temperature. The materials derived from the process may not be used in microwaves or conventional ovens.

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EFSA (May 27, 2014). “Scientific Opinion on the safety assessment of the process "MKF-Ergis", used to recycle post-consumer PET into food contact materials.EFSA Journal 2014;12(5):3703 [14 pp.].