A peer-reviewed article published in the January 2015 Issue 2 of the scientific journal Toxicology Letters focuses on VirtualToxLab, an in silico tool that can be employed for estimating the toxic potential of chemicals. Specifically, the tool can be used to estimate endocrine and metabolic disruption and some aspects of carcinogenicity and cardiotoxicity. The new article focuses on the recent extensions of the tool and highlights that it now has a platform entitled OpenVirtualToxLab. The new platform is accessible free of charge for universities, governmental agencies, regulatory bodies, public hospitals and other non-profit organizations. Vedani and colleagues explicitly encourage the interested non-profit organizations to freely use the technology and also share their results with the scientific community.

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Vedani et al. (2015). “OpenVirtualToxLab—A platform for generating and exchanging in silico toxicity data.Toxicology Letters 232, 519–532 (open access article)