On March 12, 2015 the non-governmental organization (NGO) Environmental Working Group (EWG) reported on a new policy recommendation regarding the use of nanomaterials. The recommendation was developed by a coalition of advocacy groups that are concerned about the use of unregulated nanomaterials in food products and packaging. It shall assist companies in food-related industries to avoid or lower the risks from the use of nanomaterials. The recommended actions for companies include e.g., adoption of a detailed public policy explaining their use of nanomaterials, publication of safety analyses for any nanomaterials in use, labeling of all products that contain nanoparticles smaller than 500 nm and others. Food manufacturers must disclose whether they use nanomaterials in their food and food packaging and they should release safety reviews of these additives, asserts David Andrews, Senior Scientist at the EWG. Nanotechnology may revolutionize the food industry, but safety must come first, he adds.

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