In an article published on March 22, 2017 regulatory news provider Chemical Watch informs that the Taiwanese Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published new guidelines for nanomaterials used in food packaging. The guidelines were issued on March 14, 2017 and set out that nanomaterials will be handled as new food contact substances (FCS). Chemical Watch explains that in Taiwan, food packaging materials containing nanomaterials must undergo safety assessment and obtain pre-market approval. Therefore, the following data and information need to be submitted to gain approval: i) Basic information on the applicant and the food packaging material, ii) composition and physico-chemical properties of the nanomaterials, iii) manufacturing process of the nanomaterials, iv) intended use and effect of the nanomaterials in the food packaging, v) microbial properties, vi) status of international food contact use approval, vii) toxicological data, and viii) migration testing data.

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Chemical Watch (March 22, 2017). “Taiwan FDA issues guidelines on nanomaterials in food packaging.