In an article published on November 20, 2018, by regulatory news provider Chemical Watch, reporter Lisa Martine Jenkins informed about the recent launch of the Association for the Advancement of Alternatives Assessment (A4). The organization was initiated at the “2nd International symposium on alternatives assessment: Building the field” hosted by the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA), U.S., on November 1-2, 2018.

The association aims “to drive the science, practice and policy of alternatives assessment and informed substitution of hazardous chemicals,” and involves “[r]esearchers and practitioners from government agencies, academia, industry and NGOs, who cover a broad range of scientific disciplines, including toxicology, exposure science, engineering, chemistry, lifecycle assessment, law and policy, and economics,” Jenkins explained. A4 is organized by The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, U.S..

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Lisa Martine Jenkins (November 20, 2018). “Alternatives assessment gathers steam with launch of dedicated organization.Chemical Watch