In an article published December 19, 2013 in the daily newspaper The Guardian, Bill Lascher reports that the world’s largest retail chain Walmart remains secretive about the identity of the 10 ‘high priority’ chemicals which it plans to remove form consumer products. Nevertheless, Walmart’s advance may change the use of potentially hazardous chemicals in consumer product manufacture. Until January 2018, manufacturers will have to disclose product ingredients online, even though they do not need to declare whether the ‘priority’ chemicals are contained. Bill Lascher, journalist for The Guardian argues in his article that the policy will increase transparency and may eventually eliminate certain chemicals from consumer products in general, due to the mere quantity of sales generated by Walmart. So far Walmart’s effort will only cover household cleaners, personal care, beauty products and cosmetics.

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Bill Lascher (December 19, 2013). “Walmart aims to reduce 10 toxic chemicals – but won’t divulge which.The Guardian.