In an article published on December 13, 2018, the non-profit organization Plastic Soup Foundation announced the launch of the new website for the Plastic Health Coalition. The coalition is made up of nine partners including Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) International, Shaw Institute, and Algalita, as well as other knowledge partners and supporters.

The coalition and its website aim “to accelerate the accumulation of knowledge on additives, micro- and nanoplastics, and communicate the latest findings about plastics and [their] health effects.” The site also includes “The Ultimate Plastic Diet” for consumers, which advises on how to avoid using plastics. The article goes on to say that “[the Plastic Soup Foundation] firmly believe[s] that we have the right to know, and should know, how plastics affect our body.” The coalition will also take on a number of research projects related to microplastics and health, and the progress and results of these projects will be provided over the coming months on the new website.

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Plastic Soup Foundation (December 13, 2018). “Welcome to our brand new website.” Plastic Health Coalition