In an article published on February 12, 2019 by non-governmental organization (NGO) Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL), two NGO coalitions, EDC Free Europe and Green10, are reported to have submitted a letter to the European Commission (EC) pressing for action to develop an EU strategy for a non-toxic environment. The EC was supposed to have developed the strategy in 2018, however it has been delayed until the new Commission takes office in late 2019 (FPF reported).

The letter says “as this Commission’s term nears its end, we call on you to have this strategy finalized, to bring it out as soon as possible, and to make sure that these topics remain a priority for the next Commission bearing in mind that the 7th [Environmental Action Programme] runs until 2020.” The authors argue that “such a strategy is essential for driving innovation and the development of sustainable substitutes including non-chemical solutions, and is a prerequisite for an effective and safe non-toxic circular economy.”

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