In September 2013, the US Breast Cancer Fund published a report reviewing the links between bisphenol A (BPA) exposure and disrupted development. The report is entitled “Disrupted Development: The Dangers of Prenatal BPA exposure”. The report points out that the risks of prenatal exposure may be more important than childhood exposure. The Breast Cancer Fund thus stresses the need to protect pregnant women from BPA exposure in order to shield fetal development. This is necessary even before women are aware of their pregnancy. While the report acknowledges the persisting uncertainties regarding the BPA metabolism, it claims that there is strong evidence that fetuses are exposed to the hormonally active form of BPA. The report also presents an overview of studies showing biological effects of BPA in animals and health associations in humans. The report calls for a complete ban of BPA from food packaging and encourages consumers to avoid food contact materials containing BPA.

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