On May 15, 2018, EDC-Free Europe, a coalition of public interest groups, published a document calling on the European Commission (EC) to release an updated EU strategy on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). “In 2017, the European Commission committed to bring out a new integrated strategy on EDCs, after previous attempts to update the existing EU Community Strategy on EDCs from 1999 had been derailed by intense industry lobbying,” the non-profit organization Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) reported in an article published on the same day.

The EDC-Free Europe coalition formulated eight specific demands for an EU strategy on EDCs: 1) Make public health and precaution cornerstones of the strategy, 2) raise public awareness of EDCs, 3) increase regulatory control of EDCs across all sectors, 4) assess and regulate EDCs in groups rather than substance-by-substance, 5) accelerate testing, screening, and identification of EDCs, 6) aim for a “clean” circular economy without EDCs in products, 7) promote safe substitution of EDCs and innovative solutions, and 8) monitor health and environmental effects of EDCs.

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