The non-profit group As You Sow found detectable amounts of titanium dioxide nanomaterial in two of ten donut samples. The report published by the non-profit group presents the result of a survey which investigates the presence of nanomaterial in food as well as the awareness and policy of food manufacturers regarding the issue. As You Sow tested ten donut varieties and detected the presence of titanium dioxide with a size of less than 10 nanometers at levels up to 75 ppm. They suggest that the consumption of three small donuts would lead to an ingestion of 13.8 mg of TiO2. As You Sow did not test the food packaging itself for titanium dioxide but referred to respective labeling on the packaging. Further, As You Sow sent questionnaires to 2,500 companies investigating the corporate policy regarding nanomaterials and their use. Of the 26 companies that responded only 14 stated they were not using nanomaterials.

The group criticized that nanomaterials were already used in food packaging before they have been proven safe and that most companies lacked a clear policy regarding the use of nanoparticles. Some nanomaterials have shown health effects in vitro and in animal studies. State agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration stated earlier that they had not enough information to determine the safety of nanomaterials in food. Further research is necessary to understand particularly chronic toxicity of nanomaterials.

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