In December 2020, the FitNESS project that is part of the EU’s Erasmus+ program finalized a collaborative open-source e-learning platform on all aspects of food packaging. The tool covers functions, materials, systems, and processes as well as regulations to advanced applications and designs of food packaging.

Discussing complex questions such as, e.g., how food packaging impacts the environment and human health, requires sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject. Not only designated experts but all involved stakeholders, including industry professionals, non-governmental organizations, and legislators, should have access to the necessary information to fully understand the issue. Independent and comprehensive training sources are therefore strongly in demand.

One aim of the FitNESS webpage led by Actia (The French Network of Food Technology Institutes), was to encourage learning across different disciplines to transfer skills and knowledge of distinguished experts and teachers in food science and technology, packaging technology, material science, toxicology, mass transfer, and thermodynamics.

The online platform offers a large variety of interactive online courses, webinars, quizzes, and case studies. The material is also organized in three curriculum levels (novice, intermediate, expert) and can be adapted to different target groups including students as well as professionals from industry.

The 85 lectures on general as well as specialized topics are open access and will be updated regularly by academic experts.

The material also covers emerging topics like recycled, biodegradable, and bio-sourced materials, food packaging safe-by-design, optimal packaging design, life-cycle analysis, risk assessment, as well as molecular and migration modeling via online databases in addition to on-line calculation tools.

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